Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Sentinel's Reuben Sandwich

MMMM with capital "m's." That's how good this sandwich is. (However it's still remains my 2nd favorite Reuben in the city.... I will reveal my top choice in a later post.)

I'm fortunate enough to live and go to school within 3 blocks of the Sentinel's sandwich counter. I am, however, not fortunate in that I live on a law student's budget, which is to say that I cannot afford an $8.75 sandwich every time I have a craving for delicious corned beef and gruyere, and that is pretty much everyday.

For those of you in the know, aka those who work within a 5 block radius of the small counter in SOMA, the Sentinel's limited menu of sandwiches and daily special are legendary. There are both cold and hot selections, most of which change with the seasons. The Reuben however, remains a constant, and is described as "corned beef with cabbage, russian dressing and swiss." (sometimes it is gruyere) 

What the menu fails to tell you is how delicious the bread is! It's like a perfect marriage of a ciabatta and focaccia- soft chewy innards, crisp and salty on the outside....warmed.

I don't understand why some sandwich places make Reubens with pastrami, but luckily, this version is made with thin sliced corned beef - the best. 

Service: Fast, unless there's a line around the back.

Other Must Tries: muffins in the morning, egg salad sandwich (although overpriced at $8.25)

FYI: Hours are 730 am to 230 pm.

37 New Montgomery St.
(next to House of Shields)
San Francisco, CA

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