Monday, May 31, 2010

curiously ravenous is BACK

I've missed writing.

Like a fat kid misses bacon. Or rather, like a fat Italian kid misses prosciutto.

So I am blogging once again, but this time curiously ravenous will be focused more on all the wonderfully mouthwatering morsels I eat out, and somewhat less on my kitchen adventures. Let's face it, as a third year law student, my stove has been sorely ignored, while my coffee pot and microwave have seen the most love from me within these past two years.

I'm lucky to be eating my way through one of the leading cities in fine foods- San Francisco. I'll bring you all along for the ride, show you everything that I eat (well, certainly not everything), maybe make you envious every now and then (because I can) but primarily, to show you that to eat is to live, to breathe, and to fully appreciate the comfort of food.

As always, pictures will likely make salivating a natural occurrence.

So here we go. (again)

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