Monday, April 7, 2008

cakelove, revisited

I've written many many reviews. And yes, I pass judgment. But I always continue to tell myself that judging an establishment based on one single visit cannot suffice (unless the rest of my readers all agree with me). It simply doesn't tell the whole story. Perhaps a partial one, but everyone is entitled to an off night, a cappuccino with wimpy foam, overcooked eggs, or an undercooked burger. It happens. I make note of it, and I accept it.

In my last review of Cakelove, I didn't give it very high marks, based on many reasons- corny product advertisement, lackluster pastries, overratedness, and unreasonably high prices. These are all valid and good reasons, but at the time, I had failed to taste any of their layer cakes. So I guess what I'm saying is that Cakelove has, for me, redeemed itself in that one department, and has given me something quite positive to say about the quality of their cakes. My stance on their prices has not budged, and I will explain why in a minute.

With my birthday last month, Mr.S suggested we get a Cakelove cake. To appease my craving for something pink and sweet, he picked out the "Susie's a Pink Lady" cake- vanilla cake with raspberry buttercream and fresh raspberries sandwiched in between. Certainly I had my doubts, but I was sincerely excited as I peeled back the pretty packaging. C'mon, what girl doesn't get giddy at the sight of her very own 6" fresh buttercream cake, with her name on it!

We let the cake come to room temperature (you should always do this in order to fully appreciate the flavors from the fresh butter) and cut in. Absolutely delicious. I could instantly tell that it was fresh and homemade, with no off flavors, and full fat, Swiss meringue buttercream. Though slightly sweeter than I prefer, the buttercream was still pretty amazing and light in texture. There was just the right amount of tart versus sweetness in each bite.

Though happily surprised by the cake itself, I was disappointed and felt guilty about the price Mr.S paid for it. $36 for a 6" cake, with the next size up at 9" costing $65. For a relatively simple and straightforward cake, this pricetag seems a bit hefty to me. So final thought- sure, it's a perfectly delicious cake, all handmade with quality ingredients, but that price would make me (and I'm sure, anyone else) look twice.

The Can Company
2500 Boston Street
Baltimore, MD 21224


Rachel said...

That looks so pretty and fresh! I might have to give them a shot after all.

roopa said...

A good friend of mine who used to live in DC has told me the same thing: that their cakes are amazing but that the cupcakes are not so great. Said friend can't bake to save her life, so she sees no problems with paying $36 for a 6" cake that is awesome, but I think that people like us - ie, those who can not only bake a wonderful cake, but enjoy doing so! - really have no need for such a place.

BMoreSweet said...

Here's something that I think really has to be said for CakeLove: its owner, Warren Brown, is an awesome guy. He does tons of great works in the nonprofit sector, has given people reasons to think about homemade goods baked from scratch, and puts a smile on everybody's face. And still, while I understand what you're saying about the taste of CakeLove's product, it's still light years better than many things you can get at many bakeries around town. And that bakery in Canton is absolutely spotless. Try the carrot cake next time: it is AWESOME, with an amazing aromatic brown sugar topping!

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