Sunday, September 9, 2007

please to the table!

Hungry for pierogies and sauerkraut, we headed over to the Ukrainian Festival in Patterson Park on Saturday. Whenever any food is served at an outdoor festival, it instantly becomes street food, making it taste all that much better. Aside from baseball and football games, this is the only other place we'd pay an arm and a leg for some beer and a plate of mediocre eats. Everything here though, was homemade and very reasonably priced. So we ate. And kept on eating.

We started with a tray of pierogies with potato and cheese, and some stuffed with sauerkraut.

Still hungry, we shared another plate of pierogies and holupki- cabbage rolls, stuffed with ground meat and rice.

Having grown tired of eating all white food, I was on the hunt for some color.

A delicious beet salad, with potato, pickles, onion, and dill.

Some pretty eggs, but not of the edible variety.

We ended the afternoon with a go on the swings.