Thursday, June 28, 2007

nooks and crannies

As a kid, I ate my weight in Wonder bread and butter. This is my grown-up version: english muffins with butter and marmalade. It is oh-so-good when toasted; the butter and marmalade melt into tiny glistening pools. Yum... On my recent trip to Madrid, I discovered Mallorca, the city's most popular gourmet deli chain. It is the go-to place for delicate canapes, quality Iberian hams and chorizo, confections, and fresh baked buttery pastries. There is even a small marketplace offering the Bonito line of tuna and fish items, Marcona almonds and nuts, jars of plump white asparagus, and honeys and jam. I bought some pear jam with vanilla bean. Wow. The balance of sweet and tart is spot on, with afragrant aftertaste of vanilla.Too bad the jar was so small. The consistency was slightly runny, like baby food, rather than thick like jam. No pectin, perhaps? Anyway, it was just right for spreading, and the perfect reminder of alfresco brunches in sunny Spain.

Serrano 6
Madrid, Spain