Monday, June 25, 2007

the daily grind

On any given Saturday morning, you may find me and Mr.S at the Daily Grind in Fells Point patiently waiting in long lines for the two things that signify the official beginning of the lazy weekend, my coffee and muffin. But not just any regular combination. I always order a double nonfat cappuccino, extra hot with an apple bran muffin.

The Grind uses beans from Key Coffee, a local Baltimore roaster. Just from observing the quick turnover rate of the inventory that comes through, you know that what's in your cup is fresh. It's robust and smooth, with low acidity. I have not tried their decaf brew, but I bet it's similarly pleasant. The foam that sits atop my capp is always staunch and unyielding to any wooden stirrers' attempts. The muffin is my favorite, mildly sweet, dense, and full of bran, wheat germ, and chunks of fresh apple. (I've tried to recreate the recipe at home, and have yet to pinpoint the correct combination of ingredients.) They are baked from a local wholesale bakery called A Scone Co. and also come in blueberry bran. There was a period of about 6 months last year (which I refer to as the Dark Ages) when the Grind stopped carrying them, because they had switched to a new baked goods supplier, but have just recently brought them back again. Thank god! My Saturday mornings, and occasional Fridays, have been restored, giving way to oh-so-delightful weekends.