Friday, June 29, 2007

almond tofu dessert

It's been a sauna here in Baltimore lately, and I've been craving chilled almond tofu. It's a traditional dessert all over Asia, popular during the hot summer months. It's a misnomer; not actually made from the curds of coagulated soymilk, almond tofu's main ingredients include agarose or gelatin (as a thickening agent), sugar, almond flavoring, and is usually whitened with milk or coconut milk. It has the consistency of silken tofu. Served with chilled fruit cocktail, it becomes a light yummy treat. I prefer mine with a few ice cubes.

I use a powdered mix that's sold at any asian market. It comes in 3 flavors: almond, honeydew melon, and mango. The steps are simple, mix the powder with some water and let boil, then add milk, and let set.

Some additional topping ideas you can try:
shaved ice, sweet red bean, dash of condensed milk
fresh berries and honey
fruit puree (mango, raspberry, peach...)
sliced toasted almonds