Sunday, April 29, 2007

weekend groceries

Unlike my parents who go food shopping just once a week, I prefer to go a couple times a week, each time picking up a few things I may need that night or the next day. And besides, I really love grocery shopping- I can always find an excuse to go.

Friday: Belvedere Square
-egg & swiss sandwich on an everything bagel; 2 cinnamon raisin bagels from Gregg's Bagels
-1/3 lb. smoked egg salad from Neopol
-Spanish blood oranges
-a cup of creamy leek, mushroom & potato soup from Atwater's

Saturday: Whole Foods Inner Harbor
-Silk soymilk
-Kashi Good Friends cereal
-blueberry scone (if I could eat one food for the rest of my life...)
-raisin walnut roll
-quart chicken tortilla soup (needed more spice- not caliente enough)
-loose granola - pumpkin spice
-sweet & spicy beef jerky

Sunday: Trader Joe's in Pikesville
-large white eggs ($.99 for a dozen!)
-apricot & raspberry shortbread cookies (all butter...need I say more)
-whole milk
-tamales w/chile & cheese (these are really good for being frozen; it practically steams itself in the microwave bc of the corn husks)
-gardenburger meatless riblets (these vegetarian made-to-look-like-meat products are actually pretty good- they are smothered in sauce)
-karat cake (dense moist cake, but frosting:cake ratio is sadly disappointing)
-greek style yogurt
-golden raisins
-mini cinnamon raisin bagels
-canned plum tomatoes
-chunky peanut butter
-chicken masala& brown rice dinner (I wouldn't recommend for anyone who's had the real thing)
-Ms. May's pecan crunch (I adore this line of snacks - crunchy slow roasted nuts sweetened w/ cane sugar)
-turkey bacon
-mini seedless watermelon
-hummus w/ horseradish
-2lb. yellow onions
-cherry tomotoes
-mini fresh mozzarella balls

I would've bought more produce, but I'm planning a trip to H-mart this week. TJ's had some attractive looking baby portabellas and fresh shitakes today, but I was in more of a fruit mode. For anyone who loves peanut butter like me, there's a product at TJ's I highly recommend, the sunflower seed butter.
There's an incredibly roasted nutty taste with a pleasant sweetness, much more so than regular old PB. And it's only $2.99 here, compared to about 2x that at Whole Foods. I just wish it came in smooth and chunky! I suppose it's pretty easy to make- roast up some sunflower seeds and blend in the food processor with a dash of oil. (I'll have to try this at home this week, stay tuned)